How to Write a Movie Review

Movie review writing is perhaps one of the most favorite academic assignments ever. All young people like watching movies and discussing them in formal or non formal situation. If you are one of such cine amateurs, you will definitely cope with the task of movie review writing. However, those people who cannot write well definitely will need some practical help. So, even if you are the hottest admirer of Japan movies, art house or mainstream motion pictures the lack of academic writing knowledge still can spoil your result. You are welcome to compensate it with our universal instructions for all who want to improve the writing skills.

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  • Watch the movie
  • Of course, this is the first and primary step to take. You should see what you will review and analyze otherwise it is impossible. If you cannot find the movie, have no time to view it or something else that may complicate the paper writing process. While watching the chosen movie do not forget to make some notes not to skip the details that may be useful.

  • Access the movie
  • Give your own independent evaluation of what you’ve seen. Mark the movie elements you liked and disliked, etc.

  • Mind the audience
  • Of course, if you are writing any ind of a review you should count on the readers. Make sure your facts and opinions are ok with the potential auditory.

  • Make an outline
  • You should give the outline without, however, skipping the essential for the understanding details.

  • Analyze actors
  • Most movies contain actors. Memorize the names and their heroes and main characteristics. That will do while movie analyzing.

  • Story line structure
  • Also analyze the plot of the movie since this is the most important feature of any motion picture.

  • Cinematography, camera and lightning

    Do not forget to professionally analyze the work of the director, cameraman and light technicians. Was all well done or not?

  • Soundtrack
  • Do not forget to say few words about the music used in the motion picture as it is an important element and sometimes a key to its understanding.