Toxicology refers to the study of the unfavorable results of chemicals on lives of living organisms. It entails study of signs, mechanisms, cure and detection of poisoning substances especially those fatal to people.

Connection between dosage and its consequences to the exposed organism is of great importance in toxicology. The main measure about toxicity of a chemical is its dosage, which refers to amount of exposure to a causal substance.

Human diet can act as a carrier for substances that could be harmful to human health. This effects can be either acute or after regular intake. These substances can be divided into nutrients, contaminants, additives, and natural poison. Current research has been paying attention on contaminants and additives as form of dietary toxins. As a result, regulatory measures aiming at preventing disease caused by coming into contact with such chemicals has been put in place. Contaminants and additive as forms of dietary toxins causes adverse impact on person’s fitness. Human food may contain unessential substance contaminants.

These contaminants may have lethal effect either by acute intake or by continuous contact to low concentration. Unhygienic conditions contribute highly to contaminating with toxic substances in the diet. Microbial contaminants caused by contaminating with germs from un-hygiene environment can cause food poisoning in the diet. Improving hygienic conditions of people can regulate contaminants toxics caused by poor hygiene hence controlling its negative effects on human diet. Inorganic contaminants occur naturally in low concentration in metals that are non-degradable. Their effects on food can only be regulated by regulating industrial wastes containing these substances.

Food additives are chemicals deliberately added to food to improve its shelf life, uniformity, nutritional value, or flavor. The continuous intake of these substances in the diet causes deposits of crystalline in the human body, which are harmful in the long run.

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