How to Make a Book Review

A review of a book can be a description, critical examination an assessment around the quality and meaning and significance of any book, but not a retelling its content. Your review should concentrate on the book’s content and purpose of the author, his expert view, ideas and etc.

A crucial book assessment will not be a book summary. It is really an analitical paper in which strengths and weaknesses are well examined and delivered to the audience in affordable manner. It should feature a documentation of the things the writer has made to deliver his message, evaluate how well or not the author has made it, if it was successful, and present evidences to support or challenge the evaluation.

If you are assigned to do the book review, you should remember that there is no unified way to create the evaluation. Publication reviews are known to be very personalized and full of critic. An overview can be as short as 50-100 words or1500 words long, depending on its purpose.

However, there are the standard procedures of writing book reviews, suggestions that must be used no mater the length:

  • Mention statements with essential information of the book, namely title, writers name, the date of the first copyright, book type, general and special features, price and ISBN.

  • Mind statements of the authors purpose, traditionally expressed in the preface.

  • State the major theme and the thesis of the book.

  • Explain the methods the author implies to dwell on his or her thesis. Make quotation and reference illustrations.

  • You are to evaluate the book according to the interests, accuracy, its importance, usefulness to the audience, etc.

  • You can find additional information about the author to provoke even more interest to the subject matter.

  • If you want you can also make notes on the layout, binding, maps, illustrations, etc. of the book.

  • You can also check out the back matter. Pay attention to the index, footnotes and so on.

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