Great Hooks To Start An Essay

When you are about to start your essay, you often lack something that helps you to do it best. Indeed, the hardest part is to start and smoothly follow the ideas one by one. We are recommend you to start out the process with an effective hook. Hook is known to be a special opening or line for an essay, story, article, etc. which is aimed to hook the readers’ attention and enable them to continue reading.

1. Anecdotes

An anecdote is called a short narrative, traditionally humorous. It can be a story about your individual practical experience or other person’s experience. Make use of the anecdotes to state a point and start your essay brightly enough for your the readers to get interested in it. You are welcome to use a family story, famous people’s cases or whatever is to the point and perfectly suits your topic and main idea of the paper.

2. Quotations

To start with the quote is perhaps one of the most promising and eye-catching beginnings, for sure. Quotation can be a passage that you apply in your writing project which had been initially published or spoken by a famous person. You reveal a quote by means of putting it into the quotation marks to make the essay grammatically correct. For example, “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” Johnny Depp.

3. Dropping into a scene

You may drop your potential readers into the scene carefully described, giving the readers the sense of time and space. It adds vividness to your narration and evokes the imagination, make people believe in what you are trying to say, etc.

4. Shocking or surprising facts

As practice shows, surprising or shocking facts that make people wanna ask “Really?” work immediately and provoke people to react. Thus, a surprising fact is an intriguing bit of information that the followers are not very likely to know. So, this is a surprising element that traditionally produces a strong effect on the readers.

5. Rhetorical questions

These are known to get rather stylish means to attract the reader’s attention. It is widely accepted that a rhetorical question is an assertion in the form of a query. You may well ask it to generate a point, but not to get an answer. With its help you put the seed of you idea and make it grow in the readers minds, make them think it over together with you.
In such a way, you get 5 universal and quite easy hooks to start your essay best of all and pleasantly surprise both your professor and the readers expecting the interesting literature essays to read and discuss.