Essays on Music

If you study music at college or school, you will definitely sooner or later need to write essays on a range of musical works. We’d like to offer you some pieces of advice on how to do essays on music in short. Writing essays in music is much alike to other essays for school or college, however, they are more likely to contain more specific information, technical details of a particular work or works in music you are writing about.

As a rule, students do the research and analysis of the music works first, prior to writing. In addition, musical examples will be really useful to include into your essay. You should remember that clear writing depends on the clarity of your own ideas to express about the music.

  1. To begin with, you should be sure that you know the piece you have to analyze. Try to play it if it’s possible. You can listen to one or more recordings of the piece til you hear it well in your inner ear and analyze it best.

  2. Now it’s time to analyze the piece. You should remember that the analytical methods you gonna use must depend on the style of work, its period, genre of performance and of course, assignment the professor has given you. And depending on the assignment type your analysis should include some research on the subject matter – working with the sources.

  3. Make use of the course understanding and include into your analysis the ideas you’ve gained from classes. Always remember that your essay presupposes making multiple choices as in music several interpretations of one and the same are acceptable. It is recommended to go far beyond your traditional recognition of things and understand the piece broader, as fully as you can.

  4. Consider some special features which are important for the piece you analyze.

  5. When the musical examples are ready, start writing.

  6. While you are writing, use specific technical terminology to clarify and highlight the key points, use music terminology. To make citations appropriately, use citation styles accordingly.

When your essay is finished, mind that this is gonna be your first draft. If up have time to read it out loud – do it to check if it makes any sense and sounds logical. After that you may revise it, make corrections if any, edit and so on. You are welcome to order revision, formatting or writing from scratch with the help of our web which will save you the time and nerves if you are out of time. Music is a nice subject to study but it is always time eating to write on it. You are always welcome to save your time with our help and cope with twice more academic work and find out how to write interview,how to do music papers and may other things.